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What’s App launches business profiles
What’s App launches business profiles

After enthralling its users with its multifaceted chat platform What’s App, Facebook finally decided to monetize it by

giving the businesses a chance to reach out to their target customers and start What’s App business profile .

Apart from that this new form of What’s App will have a simple version set only for the small businesses.

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This solution will allow businesses to inform customers about notifications like delivery confirmations, flight time

and other useful updates.

The basic purpose of commercialising the platform is to make sales process simple for users like bakeries, clothing

store and all those shopkeepers who look at handling their customers on a personal level.

Though they have not yet decided how they are going to charge the enterprises for this benefit there are plans to do

so in the near future.

In order to avoid any kind of miss dealings, What’s App is also launching a closed pilot program which would verify

all the businesses and provide the reliable ones a green check mark.

This would help in distinguishing them from the fake ones and hence establish a trustworthy relationship between


It was in end August when What’s App started testing verified accounts for usage.

All conversations initiated with such businesses would be encrypted and users have the right to block them if


One interesting feature here is that if the business is not on your contact list then instead of their number its name

would be displayed.

This feature has been incorporated to allow the creation of a business search engine with optimized search results.

Not only that in return for small fee businesses can cold call multiple users indirectly increasing their sales.

On another note, businesses can be first contacted by users before they can respond with organic messages.

This is the way how Facebook messenger has been working in the past.

What’s App has been emphasising on the point that commercialization has been done with the purpose to help

businesses communicate with their target audiences.

By not allowing cold calling they would be supporting this ideology of theirs.

Some features that would accompany this offering are the creation of verified business profiles and the ability to

manage chats with such customers.

It was in 2014 when Facebook had acquired What’s App.

At that time there was a unanimous decision to not insert any ads as that would spoil the entire experience for users.

With time they also ditched the $1 subscription charge leaving the very little scope of earning any money through the service.


When slowly ads were accepted on Facebook messenger it was a reflection of their diluted stand against

incorporation of ads in future.


What’s App has gained in proportion and its nearly 1.3 billion monthly users are strong advocates of its growth.

This has also opened avenues to earning some revenue through the platform.

Pretty soon we could see vertical video ads and display ads making their way as a mode of establishing a connect

with customers.


What’s App has till now fulfilled its purpose well but Facebook would now want it to expand its horizons further and

launching business profiles is probably the best way to do that.





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