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List of Google services (apps)
List of Google services (apps)

Google has simplified our lives beyond comparison. We all use it in different manners to solve multiple issues. Though it is difficult to keep a count of all the services that Google offers here are some apps which definitely deserve a mention.

  • Google Drive– Afraid of losing your important documents? Turn to Google drive where you can save all photos, files and keep them as a backup for security purpose.
  • Google Translate– Language barrier is no more a concern as you can translate anything you want using the Google translate feature.
  • Google Talk– Whether for professional or personal purposes Gtalk acts as a messenger tool. You can send instant messages and even voice call as per your requirement.
  • Gmail– One of the initial offerings of Google Gmail is the perfect email service that you need. With the potential of a vast storage space, it also offers you many of Google’s other services along with.
  • Google Calendar– Add events and reminders to the calendar. It would help you in keeping track of your busy schedule and never miss out on any task.
  • Picasa– Want to share your photographs online with other family members or friends. Use Picasa to not only find but share, edit and upload pictures as well.
  • Google +– For people who love sharing information with other likeminded people use the Google+ to do that. You can start your own page and hence become an active part of the community.
  • Google adverts– To be successful in any commercial venture it is important to be able to target your customer’s well. Google Adverts helps customers click and know more about your brand and come in contact.
  • Blogger– Interested in penning your thoughts and making it public for people to read. Use blogger to do just that and that too without any cost.
  • Google desktop– Just like you have a Google web search application you can also do the same on your desktop. It allows you to find documents and files whose location on the computer you do not remember.
  • Google Pack– It involves a lot of free software and access to them. These software’s include Google Earth, Picasa, Google desktop, Google pack screen saver and many other free services.
  • Google maps– An extremely important feature you can use it on your smartphone to know whether you are going in the right direction and how much time would it take for you to reach there.
  • Google chrome– One of the most avidly used services Google chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser.
  • Google search– Feeling lost and need answers to any kind of questions. Just type your requirement and Google search would give you all answers and that too in a time frame of few seconds.
  • YouTube– For the music and video lovers this offering of Google has surely broken many barriers. Not only do you get to view your favourite videos you can even make your own playlist and upload them for others to see.

Google’s emphasised importance in our life cannot be denied. We all use its various services on a daily basis. While the above mentioned ones are the most frequently used there are many other services too which are equally important and relevant to users.

List of Google services (apps)
List of Google services (apps)

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