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How to tell if your phone is being hacked
How to tell if your phone is being hacked

As an operating system, Android is one of the most popular one available but that does not discount the fact that it is

also extremely prone to being hacked and breached upon. The fact that the platform allows developers to use open

source licenses and change the system code as per their requirement is increasing the possibilities of phone hacking.

Mentioned below are signs which would let you know that your mobile is on the radar of being hacked.

  • Multiple apps running in the background

Are you seeing a lot of apps running in the background which is also draining away your data pack. This could be

due to the presence of spyware on your mobile. It is better to know from your settings which apps are the ones which

are eating up your battery and data pack both. If there are apps showing which you may not have downloaded

chances are the security has been compromised and you should remove them immediately.


  • Pop up notifications

While using your phone you may get pop up messages alerting you about the security Be careful as that means your

smartphone has already been hacked into. If you find any such pop up message disturbing you do not click on going

further. The moment you do so you open the door for hackers to take complete control over your phone.


  • Unauthorised purchases

Make sure to keep an eye on any fraudulent purchases or any unwanted messages being posted on your social media.

You may not store your credit card details online but hackers have ways to figure out your password. Any transaction

that you may not have made is the sign that hackers are at work and you better check your smartphone before things

get worse.

  • Frequent shutdowns

 Is your phone switching off on its own and that too pretty frequently? It is quite possible that some malware has

already entered the system and is now ready to destabilize your phone. Warning bells should also ring when the

mobile restarts or reboots without you knowing or doing it.

  • Websites appear different

At times cybercrimes go unnoticed because they are committed silently without the user having any knowledge of it.

So if while browsing websites on your mobile you notice that the website is looking different then it is possible that

malware has already infected it. Apart from that make sure that you don’t use a public wi fi system until unless you

are absolutely sure of it being secure enough.


The world over we have seen a splurge in the usage of smartphones. However, at times android does not seem very

safe and can easily allow hackers to take control of your smartphone. It is not very difficult for them to crack your

password, therefore, absolute discretion is required. If you see any of the above mentioned signs then treat them as

emergency signals and take quick action. The hackers are very quick at their work and it won’t take them much time

to reach your important financial information hence it is better to be careful.


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