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Google for business
Google for business – suitable apps or services for business

How many of us can imagine a life without having Google around? Not many, especially for businesses Google

provides many free apps and services which streamline business processes and ensure perfect growth path. However,

for those who are yet not aware of these apps we are here to guide you. Mentioned below are the most suitable apps

and services which you can use to bring your business into notice.


For those who are yet to understand the importance of getting your business listed on the web the importance of this

tool may be less. But using Google my Business allows you to list your business on multiple tools like Maps, Google

search and Google +. Apart from that Google retail allows you to create your online store and list your inventory

there. The store you open would have to pass a service test after which it is awarded the title of a Trusted Store. Once

that happens there is no looking back for your business.

If you want to use some industry insights to gain perspective and hence achieve growth targets then Think with

Google is the place you should be. Here you receive Industry trends, useful information, research documents, case

studies, info graphics and industry leader interviews. On a regular basis, this site is updated with interesting content

which can prove helpful for you in the long run.

Eventually the aim of any business is to garner more leads for themselves. For most businesses, their website is the

major source of income that they have. However how to know from where the traffic is coming to these websites.

That is when Google Analytics comes into play as it provides you brief insights about who are your ideal customers

and how often they visit your web page.

To keep yourself updated on the accounting trends it is wise to take the help of Google alerts. This helps you to stay

updated on what your competitors may be doing. You can just set an alert and you would get an idea about when you

are being discussed on the internet.

With time you would also need to change your business according to the latest trends. It is important for you to

understand what marketing language you should use on your brochures, sales material, and website copy. You can

also understand which trends are gaining prominence and how to utilise keywords to get maximum mileage for your


When it comes to growing your business Google is a one stop shop to cater to all your needs. Apart from the above,

there are other services also available which fulfil the same above. Analysing which ones are the most suited to

achieve growth targets for your business is a task that you should undertake today. The world is progressing very fast

and not being able to reap the benefits of such services is going to cost you a lot in terms of revenue loss.


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