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Best photo editing software
Best photo editing software

It was until recently that if you asked about the best photo editing software the answer would be Adobe Photoshop.

However, times have changed now and with the availability of many other software’s doing the same job Photoshop’s

position seems to have liquidated. Most of the photography experts these days are looking for options which can edit

their creations and transform them completely. Here are some of the best photo editing software’s available.

When Adobe decided to adopt a subscription model the world was surprised as the price expected were very high.

However, prices have now come down and so people are quite pleased with getting offered the services of Photoshop

and Light room both at a nominal monthly fee. While Photoshop offers you all the basic features like layers, masking,

retouching and multi-step imaging processes Light room takes them a step ahead. It combines an image cataloguing

database with Adobe Camera Raw’s editing tools to make adjustments to your images which can be modified later.

A high end rival to Light room Phase one is able to deliver very high quality results. What started as a software for

Phase one’s professional cameras has now been developed into a conversion and image editing tool for users. Similar

to the Light room it is able to import your images into a database and make non destructible changes to them. The

original images stay unmodified and permanent changes only happen when the files are imported.

Quite similar to the Light room this software comes with some basic modifications of its own. Its main image

window comes with multiple viewing options and you can select one which suits your requirement the most. The

interface provided is segregated into Library, adjustment, edit, layers, slideshow and print all of which are easy to

understand and use. The adjustment module provided is quite similar to Light room’s Develop module. The

difference lies in the edit panel which provides you a whole lot of features which are not available in the Light room

as yet.

The main aim of Paint shop Pro is to provide nearly similar features as Adobe Photoshop though at a lesser cost then

it. Not only that it has the same functionality but it is comparatively easy to understand and use. Though there have

been modifications in its features to make them faster some of them are still pretty sluggish. Also, the annual price it

charges is almost similar to the total cost of a monthly Photoshop subscription so people still would choose the



For photographers and those into the creative field having an image editing software is absolutely essential. Though

Photoshop had been leading the market it seems to have lost its popularity these days. With lesser priced software’s

offering similar kind of benefits, most people are diversifying to any of the above options. Image editing software’s

will always remain in demand and the choice of the most appropriate one would definitely work to make your job

much easier.


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