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Best free cloud storage services
Best free cloud storage services

Cloud storage services are required when you need to share some vital information with your employees, students or even family members

Not only can you share the documents many of such services provide you extra free storage space in return for some basic tasks like referring their services.

With collaboration forming an important part of any business or firm’s smooth working such free cloud storage apps work to increase productivity.

Here are 5 free cloud storage services that you can optimally use for your benefit.

A flagship service of Google it offers each new user a storage capacity of 15 GB.

However this space is also divided among other services like Google photos and Gmail.

In case you do not wish to use the other services you can use this space for Drive only.

Apart from that, you can share the drive through email with other users and multiple people can work on the same.Google drive

Previously known as Skydrive this service comes from the stable of Microsoft.

Offering 5 GB space you can be awarded extra space if you complete certain tasks like friend referral and mobile syncing.

You can install a Windows or Mac desktop to easily transfer files to your Onedrive which can then be accessed from your mobile phone as well.

Onedrive cloud storage


For their new user’s Dropbox offers a storage of 2 GB.

The catch, however, is that you can get this space increased to at least 18 GB.

View and upload all your files on from a desktop or mobile and share this folder with all the people concerned.

Even if these people do not have a Dropbox account you can share the documents with them which is a huge advantage of this service.

Dropbox cloud storage

An offering from Amazon this gives you the option to store unlimited photos and at least 5 GB of videos and another kind of files.

Even if a user does not have an Amazon account he can access the documents basis the public link shared by any other user.

Amazon cloud drive is also available as a mobile application hence allowing you to be on the go even when you are not on your computer.

Amazon cloud drive

If you want instant 10 GB storage you should register an account with Mediafire.

Not only that by completing simple tasks like application downloads and referring friends you can increase the capacity to at least 50 GB.

Through the Mediafire website, you can share and upload single files and folders as your requirement is.

For iOS and Android users, there is the provision of a mobile application which allows you data sharing even through mobile.


Free cloud storage is a rage these days and the convenience of being able to share vital data has added up to their popularity.

Most of the services mentioned above are a quick and easy alternative to do the same.

However, before signing up to check on any hidden clauses and conditions to avoid any kind of disruption of service later on.


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