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5 Best online privacy tools

The advent of the internet has simplified the life for everyone. However, with convenience comes the fact that all that

you do on the internet stays under constant scrutiny. The sites you visit, videos you watch and the purchases you

make are all recorded by multiple parties for their own benefit. Hence, the need for keeping yourself secure has

arisen. To avoid falling prey to any kind of digital surveillance here are few tools that you can use.

An easy to use email service Proton mail comes with an end to end encryption and other security services. Proton

mail uses user authentication methods which are so strict that even the creators of the service are unable to read the

users emails. Their servers are located in Switzerland which is considered to be one of the safest countries when it

comes to protecting information.

Though the onion router is famous for being the pathway to the dark web the way it protects privacy is unmatchable.

This software is free and it conceals the user’s location and routes the traffic through a volunteer network. This stops

other people from getting access to your site visits and other valuable information.

A Linux based operating system this service became popular after Edward Snowden claimed that it helped him evade

the NSA. Tails can be loaded onto a USB drive, DVD or SD card making it extremely convenient for the users.

Maintaining Privacy and anonymity this OS is accompanied by a host of cryptographic tools which can encrypt all

your files, emails and even messages. Until unless not asked this software does not leave any trace of the computer


  • VPN

A short form for Virtual Proxy Networks have gained in popularity because of their ease of usage. You can also

consider a VPN as an online firewall which allows you to work on your computer without sharing it with other

parties. If you have a VPN enabled you can even access those websites which are banned in your country and even

view restricted content on YouTube etc. Extremely simple to set up on your computer there are multiple such

services available online.

  • Ad blockers

Have you ever got bothered by a number of ads disrupting your online experience? Then maybe you would have also

realised by now why using Ad blockers is so important. Ads displayed on the websites not only have access to all your

information but they can also be used to get inside your web browser through cookies. Hence using Ad blocker not

only makes your browsing experience smooth but also safe and secure.

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No one in this world should have the right to invade your piracy and peep into what you are browsing. However, the

trend has shown that this has been happening for a very long time with almost all the users being not so aware of it.

Use any of the above tools to not allow others to see what you are posting and sharing. After all, it is your work and

no one else should be party to it.



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