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10 tips to ace tech job interviews
10 tips to ace tech job interviews

So now that you have qualified for that elusive tech job interview you must be feeling jittery about the same.

The thought of not being able to perform well leads to many candidates actually not being able to prepare well for the

written test as well. No worries as here are some simple tips to do well in your tech job interviews.

  • Research well

This is the minimum that the interviewers expect you to do. Find out everything you need to about the company, its

policies and how it works. One of the most common questions asked is why you want to work in that company and

if you are unable to answer that well it is considered as lack of interest.

  • Honest approach

Instead of going overboard with your capabilities learn to be modest and honest when mentioning them. Say

things that are suited only to the job in question instead of bragging about any extraordinary abilities.

  • Relevancy

Keeping yourself updated on the trends ensures that the board listens to you carefully. Avoid any fluff or

incorrect information as chances are you would be caught immediately.

  • Reveal your passion

An interviewer would definitely like to see your interest level for that job. Make sure to show enough enthusiasm

when talking. It should look as if you are just waiting to grab that post.

  • Focus on your strengths

Do not play down your strengths. Tell them about any of your past experiences and how you were able to achieve

goals because of these habits of yours.

  • Body language

Try and maintain eye contact with the interviewer makes him realise that you are quite interested in the job. If you

are continuously looking at your watch or mobile then it acts as a big turnoff for the person sitting on the opposite


  • Be specific

If you are talking about a topic do not drift away into something not related to it. Apart from that avoid generic

memorised answers as none of the interviewers are ok with listening to all that stuff.

  • Ask questions

It is important that you are also keen to ask them some questions in return. Doing that not only leaves a good      impact on the interviewer’s mind you also end up getting answers about the job and the company.

  • Plan your path­

Once you have decided that you want to be a part of this company show the interviewers how you can add value to

them. If you show them some problems that you have figured out and how you intend to resolve them they won’t

think twice about taking you in.

  • Calm down

Last but not the least do not be nervous about the whole thing. If you are tensed it will automatically show in the

responses you give to the board. Take a deep breath, smile and then move ahead with the interview. That should

definitely calm you down.

It is not easy to crack a Tech job interview but it is not so difficult either. If you follow the above mentioned simple

but effective tips you would most likely ace that interview without many hurdles. The key, however, would be to keep

your preparation levels complete.


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