Kuwait Coding is a competitive and global IT service provider. We take pride in our pool of Information Technology experts, equipped with the right abilities and real passion to produce the best output of our IT products and services.
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Why Us


Our visual designers and UX specialists work together to create elegant, useful, unique solutions.


We find solutions for every business. Whether it's building an app, a website or an internal team solution.

Analysis & Strategy

We provide your business with expert insights and experience across wide range of marketing channels.

Quickly & Effective Support

We offer round-the-clock support which can be delivered as an independent service or as part of the product package.

About Us

We create smart and powerful mobile apps for startups and businesses to bring you amazing experiences for your business needs.
Our Process

We listen to client idea, gather required information and pass it to creative team.

Creative Visual

Our design experts create visuals and if client agrees we pass it to development team.


We have diverse team of expert developers who converts idea into reality within stipulated time-frame.

Evolution &

Our team evaluates product with our client as if the product was their own in order to pull the utmost value of their investments.

  • Tathkarah

    Everything you want in a Travel Mobile & Web application, billions of flights to help you find the best deals and best offers.

    Features included:

    Check in, Book, Change, or Cancel air, Booking the best flight is just that easy.

  • Zonya Games

    Buy the latest products online and start playing, now you can make money by playing games, sell you profiles online!

    Features included:

    Sign up, Sign in, Add to cart, order gaming devices, Payment gateway, Sell gaming account online.

    Zonya Games
  • Al Maidan

    A mobile game app for Arabic quiz / questioned based competition

    Features included:

    Sign up, sign in, purchase coins and booster, assistance for help, timer counter, incremental booster and many more features.

  • Ghasalah

    Ghasalah is laundry management system, laundry owners can have full control on their business though dashboard.

    Features included:

    payment gateways, sign up, sign in, favorite, share the app, order laundry services in few clicks, compare rates, delivery cost, delivery time and ratings.

  • PetShop

    Petshop is online ecommerce website, where you can buy products for your pets, and even you can book grooming services.

    Features included:

    payment gateways, sign up, sign in, favorite, share the app, order products in few clicks, shipping services, grooming services, review and ratings for the app.


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